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A Free Range Magazines subscription is carefully created to

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  • Slow you down
  • Bring you people, places, stories and ideas that you won't find online

How it works

Enjoy the most interesting, creative, genuinely different independent magazines

Delivered to you six times a year

Choose one of four guided subscription streams

Tasting Notes to introduce each magazine
and their makers

Hand made, beautifully crafted and printed on heavyweight paper

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What our customers say about us...

"I love it because I usually either buy the same magazines or get so overwhelmed by choice that I can’t decide. ” 

"It's such a treat & a wonderful surprise to give myself!! I adore this subscription” 

“So happy I found you!”

Mike, UK

Georgette, Instagram

Michelle, UK

Independent magazines are like artisan breads. 

You don't know what you are missing until
you try them. 

Choose your theme

We have four amazing selections to chose from. Subscriptions include six magazines each year with free UK delivery, saving you money too!

Creative Spark Subscription

Creative Spark Stream

Craft – Writing – Art – Design - Culture

We will look for the very best and latest magazines that celebrate the creative arts. You might receive a magazine about writing, art, poetry, illustration or anything artsy really. This will be your new bi-monthly dose of creative inspiration.


*every six months, UK only, cancel anytime

Good Life Subscription

The Good Life Stream

People - Food - Making - Doing - Growing

This is our lifestyle stream, so if you want a real mix of stories, interesting reads, growing, cooking, making, homes, travel - you name it and we'll probably cover it here. Start living the good life right now.


*every six months, UK only, cancel anytime

Big Adventure Subscription

Big Adventure Stream

Nature - Travel - Environment - Culture - Outdoors

There are a wealth of beautiful independent travel and adventure magazines, so get ready for a treat! We'll pick the very best ones right now and send them out to you every two months - prepare your armchair voyage.


*every six months, UK only, cancel anytime

Totally Free Range Subscription

Totally Free Range Stream

All of the above - prepare to be surprised! 

Our most exciting stream, we'll pick the best magazines we've found and send them to you - one every two months. They might be from one of the other streams or they might be something totally new. The one thing they will be is amazing.


*every six months, UK only, cancel anytime

Why you'll like it

Tailored just for you

Our mission

Beautifully delivered

All you have to do is choose a subscription stream that matches your interests. If you really can't decide let us choose for you and go Totally Free Range for a mystery magazine each time.

Never stop learning. There are lots of magazines out there telling amazing stories that will speak to your mind and emotions. We want to put some of them in your hands so you can experience this for yourselves.

You’ll get a different magazine delivered to your door every two months, in a beautiful envelope signalling that it’s time to put the kettle on, sit in your comfy chair and dive into a wonderful new world. 

Curated to delight

Guided Discovery

Find your tribe

We put our heads together, use our 100+ years collective experience in indie mags to seek out the best magazines to surprise, delight and entertain.

With each magazine you'll also receive a set of ‘tasting notes’. They will tell you about the magazine,     who made it and why we think
you’ll love it. 

Each new magazine will bring fresh ideas, stories and experiences – a great starting point for a conversation with our community on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

"I keep telling my friend how wonderful independent British magazines are. They really are!

Pam, UK

Let's start your magazine journey

What are you waiting for? 

Open your mind with a Free Range Magazines Subscription.

Hand crafted magazines. Curated by us. Delivered to you.

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